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Open call for female applicants (both PhD and PostDoc levels). If you are interested please contact Ulrike Diebold: ulrike.diebold@tuwien.ac.at


Title: Investigating Polarons with Scanning Probe Microscopy

Please contact Ulrike Diebold: ulrike.diebold@tuwien.ac.at


P04 is searching for a postdoc to study the interaction of liquid water with complex oxide thin films. The ideal candidate will have experience with thin film growth under UHV conditions using either PLD or MBE, as well as experience with STM and XPS.

Please contact Gareth Parkinson: gareth.parkinson@tuwien.ac.at


A PhD position is available in P12. The project focuses on machine learning based simulations of processes occurring at the water/oxide interface. Candidates should have experience with atomistic simulations and a good knowledge of statistical physics. If you are interested please contact Christoph Dellago: