Cluster of Excellence “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” Granted

Today, the FWF announced the approval of the FWF-funded Cluster of Excellence “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage”. It is headed by our very own Günther Rupprechter (P08) and will be supported by Ulrike Diebold (P02), Georg Kresse (P03), Gareth Parkinsion (P04), George Madsen (P09), and Christoph Rameshan (P10).

Image © FWF
Board of Directors
Ulrike Diebold (TU Wien), Stefan Freunberger (IST Austria), Director of Research Günther Rupprechter (TU Wien),
Leticia González (University of Vienna), Julia Kunze-Liebhäuser (University of Innsbruck) (from left)

excellent=austria” is a new funding programme of the Austrian funding agency FWF, in which 5 clusters of excellence with a total investment volume of roughly 135 M€ (jointly provided by the FWF and the participating institutions) will do cutting-edge basic research across different fields.

“Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” (a cooperative project between TU Wien, the Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck, and the IST Austria headed by Director of Research Günther Rupprechter) will receive 20.6 M€. of government funding plus 13.7 M€ from the participating institutions to develop nano catalysts for energy conversion and storage reactions.

Many congratulations from all of us here at TACO!

The official press release of the FWF about all granted Clusters of Excellence can be found here (or in German).

More information about “excellent=austria” can be found here.