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Course / Lecture Recommendations

To complete the studies to achieve your PhD, you need to acquire 18 ECTS at TU Wien. At the University of Vienna, 24 ECTS are required. Here, we provide a (continuously updated) list of possible course you could take to fullfil those requirements:

Summer 2022 (current semester)

This semster the first part of the “TACO Ringvorlesung” (lecture series) will take place at the TU Wien with all TU-based suprojects introducing their work. This is highly recommended for TACO students, but can, of course, be visited by all interested parties. You can find the detailed program here.

Lecture Series Advanced Materials Modeling by Ulrike Diebold, Karin Föttinger, Georg Madsen, Gareth Parkinson, and Günther Rupprechter

Further recommendations:

Winter 2022/2023 (upcoming semester)