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Scientists of TU Wien and the University of Vienna collaborate intensely on improving materials modeling.
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Patent for Karin Föttinger for Development of New CO2 Conversion Catalyst

TACO PI Karin Föttinger (P10) and her students developed a new catalyst (MoS2) that can form methanol out of CO2. This could make industrial processes more climate friendly.

Gareth Parkinson Was Elected as an AVS Fellow

Gareth Parkinson (PI of P04) was elected as AVS Fellow. Congratulations!

First TACO Master Student Graduated

Michael Brunthaler successfully defended his thesis. He is the first student member of TACO to graduate. Congratulations!

Seeing is Believing:
Atomic-Scale Imaging of Catalysts under Reaction Conditions

A seminar talk given by Irene Groot of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Universiteit Leiden, The Netherlands

Active Materials Exploration and Characterization with Bayesian Optimization

The talk had to be postponed. A new date will be announced as soon as possible.
The eighth TACO Colloquim given by Patrick Rinke from Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

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