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Scientists of TU Wien and the University of Vienna collaborate intensely on improving materials modeling. For more information about the various sub-projects (P01–P12), click on the logos below.

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Cluster of Excellence “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” Granted

We are happy to report that today, the FWF-funded Cluster of Excellence "Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage" was granted. It is headed by our very own Günther Rupprechter (P08) and will be supported by Ulrike Diebold (P02), Georg Kresse (P03), Gareth Parkinsion (P04), George Madsen (P09), and Christoph Rameshan (P10).

787th WE-Heraeus-Seminar
Application Deadline Extended

Application deadline for the 787th WE-Heraeus-Meeting "Accelerated Discovery of New Materials" from May 15th to 18th in Bad Honnef was extended.

Combining Machine Learning and Many-Body Calculations
New PRL Article for TACO-P03

In a new publication in Physical Review Letters, Georg Kresse and scientists of project P03 accurately predict CO interaction with a Rh surface.

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Computational materials discovery including Big-Data driven approaches (tentative)

The 15th TACO Colloquim given by Kristian Sommer Thygesen from Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

In situ photoelectron spectroscopy reveals the chemical nature of semiconductor surface states

A seminar talk given by Marco Favro from the Helmholtz Zentrum Berllin (HZB), Germany.

Pattern recognition with computer vision, variation minimization (tentative)

The 17th TACO Colloquim given by Thomas Pock from TU Graz.

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