Welcome to the homepage of the special research programme TACO

Scientists of TU Wien and the University of Vienna collaborate intensely on improving materials modeling.
For more information about the various sub-projects (P01-P12), click on the logos below.


Introducing P07
Fourteenth video on YouTube

The second to last of a series of short videos introducing our subprojects is now avaliable on YouTube.

Kickoff Keynote: Reaction Mechanisms and Phase Evolution in Main Group Redox Chemistries

The keynote given by Stefan Freunberger (IST Austria, Klosterneuburg) at the Kickoff Meeting is now online on the TACO YouTube channel.

TACO Workshop 2022

Next year's TACO workshop will be held in the week from 12.09. to 16.09. (3 days). Details will follow.

Decoding Reactive Structures in Catalysts by Machine Learning Analysis of Spectra

The second TACO Colloquim given by Anatoly I. Frenkel from Stony Brook University, NY, US

Catalytic hydrogenation of CO2 on sulfur-tolerant catalysts

A seminar talk given by Gernot Pacholik from the Institute of Materials Chemistry, TU Wien

Glycerol hydrogenation to fuel components: Reaction kinetics study and catalyst development

A seminar talk given by Markus Latschka from the Institute of Materials Chemistry, TU Wien

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