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Scientists of TU Wien and the University of Vienna collaborate intensely on improving materials modeling.
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Rich electronic physics on polar surfaces revealed
New High-Impact Publication for TACO

TACO scientists present a study on cometing electronic states on polar surfaces in a recently published Nature Communications publication.

Summer School on “Machine Learning for Materials Hard and Soft” Was a Great Success

The summer school was co-organized by TACO's Christoph Dellago (P12) and took place between July 11th and 22nd.

Ulrike Diebold New Vice-President of ÖAW

TACO speaker Ulrike Diebold started her new position as vice president of the Austrian Academy of Science two weeks ago.

Active Materials Exploration and Characterization with Bayesian Optimization

The eighth TACO Colloquim given by Patrick Rinke from Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

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