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Scientists of TU Wien and the University of Vienna collaborate intensely on improving materials modeling. For more information about the various sub-projects (P01–P12), click on the logos below.

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TACO-NanoCat Conference 2023
Program Online!

The program of the upcoming TACO-NanoCat conference is online. It can be found here:

Moritz Eder Won the VACOM Sustainability Prize 2023

Moritz Eder of project P02 won the VACOM Sustainability Prize 2023 for his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

Marco Corrias Won a Poster Prize

Marco Corrias won the IUVSTA-ZCAM Workshop Poster Prize. Congratulations!

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Studying 2D metal-organic frameworks on weakly-interacting surface

A seminar talk given by Zdenek Jakub from the Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC), Brno, Czechia.

Insights into electrochemical solid/liquid interfaces under potential control from first principles and atomistic calculations

The 19th TACO Colloquim given by Mira Todorova from the Max Planck Institute für Eisenforschung (MPIE), Düsseldorf, Germany.

Can we predict the properties of single-atom catalysts?

The 20th TACO Colloquim given by Gianfranco Pacchioni from the Department of Materials Science, University of Milano, Italy.

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