1st TACO PhD 2022

The first iteration of TACO-PhD was held from April 27th to 28th in Schladming (at the Jufa).


A PDF of the program can be downloaded here.

Contributed Posters

Martin Buessler
SFG Characterization of the Strontium Titanate (SrTiO3) Water Interface

Marco Corrias
Automatic Real-Space Lattice Extraction for Atomic Force Microscopy Images

Alessandro Coretti
Learning Mappings between Equilibrium States of Liquid Systems

Moritz Eder
Metal Clusters on TiO2(110) for Photocatalytic H2 Formation from Methanol

Alexander Imre
ViPErLEED: The Vienna Package for TensErLEED

Markus Latschka
Influence of Hot Liquid Flowing Water on Zeolite Stability

Lorenz Lindenthal
Nanoparticle Decorated Perovskite Surfaces – Investigation of the Exsolution Process

Pablo Montero de Hijes
Kinetics of Supercooled Water and its Crystallization

Salvatore Romano
Jacobian Determinant of the Cartesian-Internal Coordinate Transformation of an Polymer System in two and three Dimensions

Florian Schrenk
Adaptive Doping and Exsolution – Perovskite Oxides for CO2 Utilization

Igor Sokolovic
Truly bulk-terminated SrTiO3(001): Spontaneous Metal-Semiconductor Heterogeneous Surface

Eva Szoldatits
Catalytic Performance of Ni-SiOC in CO2-methanation – Effect of La2O3-Modification

Parinya Tangpakonsab
First Principles Modeling of CO Adsorption at Cu and Co Oxide Surfaces

Nico Unglert
Combining Neural Network Potentials with Nested Sampling – Thermodynamics of Real Materials

Ralf Wanzenböck
Neural-network-backed Evolutionary Search for SrTiO3 Surface Reconstructions

Thomas Wicht
Model catalysis with carbon supported metals

Philipp Winkler
Anisotropic Surface Oxide Formation and in situ Imaging of a Catalytic Reaction on partially oxidized surfaces

A PDF list of the posters can be downloaded here.