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Program Finalized

The second PhD retreat of SFB TACO will be held February 12th to 15th 2023.

TACO Lecture Series (Part 2)
Will Start October 13th 2022

The second part of the TACO Lecture Series will start on Thursday, October 13th, at 3 pm at the University of Vienna.

Program of TACO Retreat 2022 finalized

The first general TACO retreatwill be held September 14rd to 16th 2022.
The final program is now finished.


TACO Scientists in Leadings Roles at DPG Meeting 2022

Program Finalized

The first PhD retreat of SFB TACO will be held April 3rd to 6th 2022.

“Machine Learning for Materials Hard and Soft” Summer School 2022

11--22 July, ESI - University of Vienna

Learn more about modern ML approaches to discover new materials. Registration is open until 26 April.