Thomas Wicht

PhD Student in P08
Institute of Materials Chemistry
TU Wien
Getreidemarkt 9/165-PC
1060 Vienna, Austria

Research plans

Within the TACO project P08, my focus is on the investigation of the relationship between the structural and electronic properties of perovskite surfaces and their catalytic performance. To this end, I will work together with Thomas Haunold to synthesize and characterize model systems of LaCoO3 and LaFeO3 thin films in UHV (XPS, LEIS). Furthermore, I will perform catalytic tests in a microreactor setup at atmospheric pressure, in order to determine catalytic activity, selectivity and stability via GC-MS product analysis. The primary focus is placed on the study of the microkinetics, particul​arly reaction orders, activation energies, and possible deactivation kinetics. UHV surface analysis before and after the reactions will be performed to investigate whether changes in structure or composition are induced by the reaction. This will be complemented by operando PM-IRAS and SXRD studies later on.