Alexander Imre

PhD Student in P02,
Student Representative 2023
Institute of Applied Physics
TU Wien
Wiedner Hauptstrapße 8-10
1040 Vienna

Bio and Research plans

I am Alexander Michael Imre, and I am happy to join the surface physics group at TU Wien and the TACO subproject P02 for my PhD.
My background is in technical physics, which I studied at TU Wien with a stay at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada as an exchange student. In the past, I have worked on research related to electrochemistry, interface physics, bio-adhesion and high-resolution scanning probe microscopy.
During my PhD, I am excited to work on quantitative surface analysis via diffraction techniques. There will be a focus on the development of software and hardware for the Vienna Package for TensErLEED (ViPErLEED) under Michele Riva, Michael Schmid and Ulrike Diebold.
With ViPErLEED, we intend to provide a complete and accessible one-stop solution for LEED-I(V) measurements and analysis. The goal is to bring a powerful but, in our opinion, underutilized technique back into the spotlight. We are confident this will be an important methodological development that can benefit the entire surface science community.