2nd TACO PhD 2023

The second iteration of TACO-PhD was held from February 12th to 15th in Schladming (at the Jufa).

There were many interesting discussions: both outdoor on the slopes and hiking paths and indoor during poster sessions and after equally interesting talks.

Additionally, the new student respresentatives for 2023 were elected unanimously: Carolin Faller will represent the students of University of Vienna for a second term, Alexander Imre took over from Thomas Ruh and will represent the TU Wien.


A PDF of the program can be downloaded here.

Contributed Posters

Victor Birschitzky
Machine Learning the Polaron-Defect Interaction: Oxygen Vacancies on Rutile TiO2(110)

Florian Buchner
The Elusive Fe2O3(1-102) 2×1 Reconstruction: New Prediction Strate-gies

Alessandro Coretti
Learning Mappings between Equilibrium States of Liquid Systems

Peter Kovacs
Translation- and Rotation-Invariant Descriptor-Based GAN for Novel Structure Prediction

Lorenz Lindenthal
Exsolution from Dually Doped Perovskite Oxides

Christoph Rameshan
Transformations in Teaching: Utilizing Virtual Reality in the Chemistry Lab Course

Erik Rheinfrank
La0.8Sr0.2MnO3(001) Thin Films: A 4-Fold Quasicrystal?

Florian Schrenk
Investigating CO2 Activation with Perovskite Oxides by Combining NAP-XPS and Impedance Spectroscopy

Andreas Tröster
Hard antiphase domain boundaries in strontium titanate unravelled us-ing machine-learned force fields

Nico Unglert
Neural-Network-Based Nested Sampling for Efficient Exploration of Configuration Space: A Silicon Case Study

Thomas Wicht
Partial Oxidation of Methane over Nickel Supported on MgO-ZrO2 Solid Solutions

Moritz Zelenka
A mountain of photocatalysts: Interfacial structures and open questions

A PDF list of the posters can be downloaded here.