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Three Eyes See More than Two

TACO scientists from P08 found a method to monitor catalytic reactions using three different microscopies under the same coniditions in real time. They have now published their findings in ACS Catalysis.

Two “species” of CO on a polar perovskite surface discovered
TACO scientists publish a new paper in Science Advances

In a recent publication in Science Advances, TACO scientists (from sub project P02, P04, and P07) report the discovery of two different CO "species" on polar perovskite surfaces.

Rich electronic physics on polar surfaces revealed
New High-Impact Publication for TACO

TACO scientists present a study on cometing electronic states on polar surfaces in a recently published Nature Communications publication.

Article about Machine Learning for Exploring Small Polaron Configurational Space Published in npj Computational Materials

Taming complexity in polaron configurational space: TACO scientists present a new machine-learning approach to accelerate polaron distribution calculation in recently published npj Computational Materials publication.

Fifth TACO Colloquim online
Data-efficient & physics-inspired machine-learning models for catalysis modelling

The fifth TACO Colloquim by Mie Andersen from Aarhus University (Denmark) given on April 25th 2022 is now available on the TACO Youtube channel.

Article about Machine-Learning Enhanced Global Optimisation of an Ultrathin Tin Oxide Film Structure in Angewandte Chemie Ranked in Top 10 % of Articles

A collaboration articles of our colleagues of P02 was accepted into Angewandte Chemie and additionally ranked in the top 10 % of articles. Congratulations!