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TACO paper chosen for front page of Advanced Quantum Technologies

A representative picture of a joint TACO paper (P03 and P07) on KTO was chosen as Cover Page for the April issue of Advanced Quantum Technologies. Congratulations!

TACO Conference 2023
Save the Date!

The first TACO Conference "TAming COmplexity in Materials: Synergies between Experiment and Modeling" will be held September 24.–27. 2023 in Vienna.

Symposium on Advances in Thermoelectric Materials Research

The "Symposium on Advances in Thermoelectric Materials Research" will be held on March 30th 2023 at the Freihaus at TU Wien.

Cluster of Excellence “Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage” Granted

We are happy to report that today, the FWF-funded Cluster of Excellence "Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage" was granted. It is headed by our very own Günther Rupprechter (P08) and will be supported by Ulrike Diebold (P02), Georg Kresse (P03), Gareth Parkinsion (P04), George Madsen (P09), and Christoph Rameshan (P10).

787th WE-Heraeus-Seminar
Application Deadline Extended

Application deadline for the 787th WE-Heraeus-Meeting "Accelerated Discovery of New Materials" from May 15th to 18th in Bad Honnef was extended.

Combining Machine Learning and Many-Body Calculations
New PRL Article for TACO-P03

In a new publication in Physical Review Letters, Georg Kresse and scientists of project P03 accurately predict CO interaction with a Rh surface.