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TACO co-PI appointed professor at Montan University Leoben

Christoph Rameshan (co-PI of P10) has been appointed „Professor for Electrochemical Energy Conversion“ and head of the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Montan University Leoben and will start his new job in October. Congratulations!

Honorary Doctorate for Georg Kresse

TACO Deputy Speaker Georg Kresse (P03) has been awarded a honorary doctorate of Lund University (Sweden).

TACO Researches met with newly elected ÖAW member Nicola Spaldin

TACO researches met with Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), a newly elected member to the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW).

TACO PI co-author of recent Science Paper

Christoph Rameshan, co-PI of P10, is co-author of a recently published Science paper of Peter Amann et al. on methanol synthesis. Congratulations!

TACO Coordinator speaks at CRC Catalysis Networking Meeting

Our TACO coordinator, Ulrike Diebold, gave an invited keynote talk at the CataLysis Networking Conference in Kassel.

Fifth TACO Colloquim online
Data-efficient & physics-inspired machine-learning models for catalysis modelling

The fifth TACO Colloquim by Mie Andersen from Aarhus University (Denmark) given on April 25th 2022 is now available on the TACO Youtube channel.