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Patent for Karin Föttinger for Development of New CO2 Conversion Catalyst

TACO PI Karin Föttinger (P10) and her students developed a new catalyst (MoS2) that can form methanol out of CO2. This could make industrial processes more climate friendly.

First TACO Master Student Graduated

Michael Brunthaler successfully defended his thesis. He is the first student member of TACO to graduate. Congratulations!

Article about Machine Learning for Exploring Small Polaron Configurational Space Published in npj Computational Materials

Taming complexity in polaron configurational space: TACO scientists present a new machine-learning approach to accelerate polaron distribution calculation in recently published npj Computational Materials publication.

TACO co-PI appointed professor at Montan University Leoben

Christoph Rameshan (co-PI of P10) has been appointed „Professor for Electrochemical Energy Conversion“ and head of the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the Montan University Leoben and will start his new job in October. Congratulations!

Honorary Doctorate for Georg Kresse

TACO Deputy Speaker Georg Kresse (P03) has been awarded a honorary doctorate of Lund University (Sweden).

TACO Researches met with newly elected ÖAW member Nicola Spaldin

TACO researches met with Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), a newly elected member to the Austrian Academy of Science (ÖAW).