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TACO PI co-author of recent Science Paper

Christoph Rameshan, co-PI of P10, is co-author of a recently published Science paper of Peter Amann et al. on methanol synthesis. Congratulations!

TACO Coordinator speaks at CRC Catalysis Networking Meeting

Our TACO coordinator, Ulrike Diebold, gave an invited keynote talk at the CataLysis Networking Conference in Kassel.

Article about Machine-Learning Enhanced Global Optimisation of an Ultrathin Tin Oxide Film Structure in Angewandte Chemie Ranked in Top 10 % of Articles

A collaboration articles of our colleagues of P02 was accepted into Angewandte Chemie and additionally ranked in the top 10 % of articles. Congratulations!

SFB TACO is Project of the Week in scilog

This week, SFB TACO is featured as project of the week in scilog -- the online magazine of the Austrian Science Fund FWF.

Student Representatives of 2022 elected

Carolin Faller (University of Vienna) and Thomas Ruh (TU Wien) have been elected as student representatives for 2022.

New High-Impact Publication for P04

Our colleagues of project 04 (in collaboration with P02 and P07) published a new high-impact paper in Science Advances. Congratulations!