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Scientific Breakthrough
TACO Group Finds Pulled Pork Tacos to Be Catalytically Active

Scientists of the SFB TACO have made a surprising scientific breakthrough: during routine measurements they found tacos to be great catalysts for CO oxidation.

Program Finalized

The first PhD retreat of SFB TACO will be held April 3rd to 6th 2022.

“Machine Learning for Materials Hard and Soft” Summer School 2022

11--22 July, ESI - University of Vienna

Learn more about modern ML approaches to discover new materials. Registration is open until 26 April.

AIP Scilight for TACO paper

A paper of subproject P02 was chosen as a AIP Scilight. Congratulations to the authors.

TACO Lecture Series (Part 1) to start

The first part of the TACO Lecture Series will start on Friday, March 4th, at 11 am.

ERC-PoC Grant for Christoph Rameshan

Christoph Rameshan, co-PI of P10, was awarded a ERC Proof of Concept grant to extend his research on perovskite catalysts towards industrial applicability.
Congratulations to Christoph!