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TACO Lecture Series (Part 1) to start

The first part of the TACO Lecture Series will start on Friday, March 4th, at 11 am.

ERC-PoC Grant for Christoph Rameshan

Christoph Rameshan, co-PI of P10, was awarded a ERC Proof of Concept grant to extend his research on perovskite catalysts towards industrial applicability.
Congratulations to Christoph!

TACO Workshop 2022

This year's TACO workshop will be held 14.09. to 16.09. in Frankenfels. Details will follow.

Reaching Chemical Accuracy in ab initio Simulations of Complex Materials

The talk given by Andreas Grüneis (TU Wien, Institute of Materials Chemistry) at the Kickoff Meeting is now online on the TACO YouTube channel.

Introducing P02
Last video of mini-series on YouTube

The last of a series of short videos introducing our subprojects is now avaliable on YouTube.

TACO Workshop 2022

Next year's TACO workshop will be held in the week from 12.09. to 16.09. (3 days). Details will follow.